From Nature to you…

From Nature to You!Shahram Mesri provides an all natural hair care shampoo and lotion. Using Arabian gum, rose water, emblica fruit (gooseberry), and henna leaf extract as main ingredients Shahram Mesri is your ultimate beauty line. The Shampoo cleans the scalp, keeps colors vibrant, prevents premature grey hair and does not use any chemical scents or preservatives.

With the Lotion, extracts were extracted from serum lotion-resistant plants (of vitality) to withstand the harsh climate of Iran and India. Instead of water, “damask rose” rose water was used through extraction by steam distillation. Rosewater is a natural preservative and eliminated the usage of chemical preservatives to help heal the mind and body every time you use Shahram Mesri…

Through the commitment to quality and safety and the careful selection of raw materials and plants Shahram Mesri was developed. Shahram Mesri is the ultimate all natural product developed through the help of biotechnology. The formula consists of 70% all natural ingredients that work to carry nutrients and eliminate toxicity and bacteria.

Overall Benefits:

- All natural ingredients that meet the same standards as that of the food industry
- Rose water instead of water helps with the scent and acts as a preservative
- The Shampoo delivers plenty of plant nutrients to the scalp to maintain healthy hair
- Henna leaf extract acts as a color booster for longer lasting colorings
- Shahram Mesri does not use any chemical fragrances. The color and aroma is unchanged and that of the natural ingredients mixed together
- The Moisturizing lotion is extracted from plants to withstand a strong life in Iran and India’s harsh climates
- The excellent moisture balance makes your skin moist and glossy
- Emblica fruit extract which nourishes the hair and scalp and is linked to prevention of premature grey heir